william A rankin

Research Associate

William is our Research Associate at Urban Grout Commercial Real Estate. He graduated from The University of Mississippi in 2016 with majors in Real Estate, Managerial Finance, and Banking and Finance. William is also a Nashville native.

His goal everyday is to enable our brokers to be the most informed and well equipped they can be. William’s favorite neighborhood in Nashville is The Gulch because of how well the area was planned and executed with its combination of restaurants, retail, and lodging all within a walkable area. He also appreciates how The Gulch was the first LEED certified neighborhood in the country, another nod to the power of advanced urban planning.

“Increasingly, Nashville has enjoyed all the amenities of being a big "It" city, while remaining true to its roots of feeling like a small town. I appreciate being able to grab coffee or go to the grocery store and still run into friends and acquaintances. This is what I love the most about Nashville.”